My Best Coffee Secret Exposed For Your Pleasure!

I have a little secret I want to share with you.

My wife and I love coffee and we find it somewhat of a hobby to research and find the most interesting coffees on the planet and when we can afford them (some are very expensive) we order them and bring them home to enjoy and share with special friends on special occasions.  This is our little secret that we would like to share with you.

One of our favorite regions for coffee is Hawaii.  We have always loved the islands and we have been then once on vacation and had the opportunity to tour some of the coffee plantations on the islands.  The rich history of the Arabica coffee trees that were originally brought over to the islands around 1800 by Kamehameha, a Spanish interpreter and again in 1825 by a doctor named Don Francisco de Paula y Marin.  They were planted in Manoa Valley on Oahu continued to spread to the islands of Hawaii, Oahu, and Maui from there.

What originally started out as huge coffee plantations were taken down and replaced with sugar cane plantations in 1989 when Hawaii was annexed into the United States and the coffee market went belly up.  After the sugar market subsided the land was portioned off into 5 acre plots and sold or share cropped to the natives of the area and they again begin growing the Arabica coffee trees.

The weather in Hawaii is ideal for coffee production.  The volcanic soil, warm, sunny days and moist cool nights produce some of the best coffee in the world.  Kona coffee is one of the most sought after coffee beans on the market and commands a respectable price for it around $40 a lb.  Know this is a little expensive and one of the ones we like to keep on hand for those special occasions.

Even though this is not a  big secret I am kind of amazed that there are not more of you coffee lovers out there that do not drink or have even tried the Kona coffee or any of the other Hawaiian coffees from the other islands. They are a must for any serious coffee drinker.  Enough teasing, that is not the secret.  Here is the real secret.

Staying with the theme of Hawaii, my secret does have to do with Kona coffee beans.  The secret is the Peabery Beans off the Arabica, Kona coffee trees.  Coffee beans normally have to halves of a bean.  The peaberry is very rare and is actually only 1 half of a bean.  They are far and few in between and they fly off the market extremely fast.  I usually have to keep an eye out for when the season begins production and get online and get them fast before they go out of stock.  This is the season right now and they are currently in demand and available, for a short time and are currently priced around $41 a Lb.

The peabery beans to me have a full bodied, robust taste with no bitterness at all.  Some coffee lovers have dubbed it the Champagne of Coffee!  These beans are rare and in short supply.  If you want to try my little secret, you have to act fast!

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Chris Shaefer is a freelance author and a coffee lover.  For more information about Kona Peaberry Beans click here.  If you are looking for the best system to brew your new coffee secret please go here.

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