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If you’re looking for detailed single serve coffee maker reviews, you have come to the right place! Here at the Espresso Fanatic, we get tons of requests weekly from people wanting to know what the best one-cup coffee maker is.

And our response is always the same – it depends on what you’re looking for!

Every single cup coffee brewer works a little bit differently, and what may be great for one person may be less than adequate for another person.

So to make this review as helpful as possible, we have compiled a list of what we think are the 3 best single-serve coffee makers. Each short section provides a review of each machine’s strengths and weaknesses, its price point, and where to get it online for the lowest price.

Hamilton Beach Single Serve “Scoop” Coffee Maker

The Hamilton Beach Single Serve “Scoop” Coffee Maker is a small, inexpensive machine that packs a serious punch. Its stainless steel construction and solid design suggest that this machine will last a long time if looked after properly

To brew coffee, you fill up a provided metal scoop with coffee, and insert the scoop directly into the machine. Then you select either regular or bold (bold = stronger flavor) and the machine kicks into action, brewing a single cup of coffee in less than a minute.

This is one of the only single cup coffee brewers to actually brew coffee at an adequately high temperature to extract the most flavor. As a result, this machine is perfect for home brewing enthusiasts that like to grind their own beans and savor every last drop of coffee.

However, if you’re looking to experiment with specialty coffee or “wacky” flavored beverages than this machine is probably not for you. You cannot buy pods for this machine since the provided scoop only takes ground coffee. Although it does only regular coffee, it does it very well.


  • Brews an excellent cup of regular coffee
  • Achieves high enough temperatures for maximum flavor


  • Does not accept pods/capsules
  • cannot brew specialty coffee (e.g. lattes, cappuccinos, espresso)
Retail Price: $69.99
Lowest Price: $54.99 + Free Shipping

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Keurig Special Edition Brewing System (B60)

Next up in our single serve coffee maker reviews is the Keurig Special Edition Brewing System.

Keurig makes the most recognized single cup coffee brewers on the market, and one of the best ones they make is the Keurig Special Edition Brewing System. This compact machine with bright blue LED lights will add an ultra-modern touch to any contemporary kitchen.

To brew coffee, you open up the machine’s loading chamber, insert a K-cup, close the machine up, and initiate the brewing process. One of the great things about the Special Edition model, is that it gives you three cup size options, so you can choose exactly how much coffee you want each time. It also features “auto-on” programming, which allows you to set-up the machine so it turns on at a specific time every morning.

Finally, using a Keurig machine gives you access to an extensive repertoire of hundreds of different coffee types – anything from Columbian coffee, to Starbucks blends, to special flavor combinations (e.g. pumpkin spice).

If you’re looking for a highly-functional, sleekly-designed single cup coffee brewer for your home, than you will want to select the Keurig Special Edition coffee brewer. However, unlike other machines in this category, it does not product specialty coffee since it has no milk frothing capabilities.


  • Huge range of coffee to choose from
  • Looks great in any kitchen


  • Does not produce specialty coffee

Retail Price: $299

Lowest Price: $137 + Free Shipping

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Nescafe Dolce Gusto Melody II Coffeemaker

The Nescafe Dolce Gusto Melody II coffeemaker is one of the best single serve coffee makers on the market simply because it does several things very well. For starters, it can make regular coffee and specialty beverages – and even iced coffee and teas. So if you’re someone that like to make a real cappuccino or latte every now and then, the Dolce Gusto is the machine for you.

To make coffee, you insert a small beverage capsule into the loading chamber, close-up the machine, and press the start button. Immediately the machine rumbles into action, producing your beverage within 30 seconds. And since the machine features Thermoblock heating, you don’t have to endure a lengthy warm-up process.

Each disc contains a special barcode to tell the machine what to do. For instance, to make a latte, you first insert the espresso disc to brew a shot of espresso into your cup. Then you remove the espresso disk and insert the “latte milk” disk to brew milk. About halfway through the process, the machine will initiate its frothing mechanism to add a nice layer of frothy milk to the top of your beverage – and for an automatic machine, the froth is pretty descent too!

The only drawback is that the Dolce Gusto does not have an expansive selection of coffee beverages like Keurig. Although the beverages you can select for the Dolce are great quality, don’t expect an overwhelming selection.


  • Produces both regular coffee and specialty coffee (can froth milk)
  • Machine does not require long to warm-up


  • Smaller selection of beverages than Keurig

Retail Price: 139.95

Lowest Price: $126.94

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And that concludes our Single Serve Coffee Maker reviews – we hope this article has been helpful. If you think this article will be helpful for other people you might know, feel free to “like” it on Facebook (see buttons below).

A key thing to consider when looking for the best single-serve coffee maker is what you’re looking for exactly. If you’re looking for great regular coffee, the Hamilton Beach machine is the way to go. If you’re looking for a wide selection of different coffee flavors, than the Keurig Machine is for you. If you’re looking for both regular coffee and specialty beverages, than the Dolce Gusto Melody II is the machine that pulls ahead.


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